2017 – Agendas and Minutes of Council and Committee Meetings

Meeting dates 2017 – Minutes of Council and Committee meetings

Listed below are the dates and Minutes of council and committee meetings for St Ives Town Council, for the current year.

When the agenda for a forthcoming meeting is available, a link to it will be posted on this page.

Once the meeting has been held, the draft Minutes will be published, replacing the agenda.  Please note that Minutes are not approved (considered final) until the next scheduled meeting of the Council or of the relevant Committee, at which time they will be signed off by the relevant Chairman.

5 Planning Committee  Agenda-Planning  Minutes-Planning
12 C & E Committee Agenda- C&E Minutes-C&E
19 Facilities Committee Agenda-Facilities Minutes- Facilities
26 Facilities Committee
2 Planning Committee Agenda-Planning  Minutes – Planning 
9 Finance and General Purpose Agenda-F&GP Minutes-F&GP
23 Council
2 Planning Committee Agenda-Planning
9 Community & Environment Committee Agenda- C&E
16 Facilities Committee
30 Planning Committee
6 Finance and General Purpose
20 Council
27 Planning Committee
15 Annual Council
18 Annual Council Reconvened
25 Planning Committee
1 Community & Environment Committee
8 Facilities Committee
15 Council
22 Planning Committee
6 Finance and General Purpose
20 Planning Committee
27 Council
17 Planning Committee
31 Community & Environment Committee
7 Facilities Committee
14 Planning Committee
28 Finance and General Purposes
12 Planning Committee
19 Council
26 Community & Environment Committee
2 Facilities Committee
9 Planning Committee
23 Finance and General Purpose
7 Planning Committee
14 Council