2020 – Agendas and Minutes of Council and Committee Meetings

3rd APRIL 2020 UPDATE:


Due to the Corona virus pandemic, all meetings of the Council have been suspended. The Council is awaiting Government regulations to set up  virtual meetings which would be open to the public. For the time being, any decisions of the Council which need to be taken will be delegated to the Deputy Town Clerk, in consultation with the Mayor and the Chairman of the relevant committee. Items requiring a decision will be set out as an agenda for the planned meeting date for each Committee and you can view the agenda and all the relevant  reports on the calendar below. Members of the Committee will be consulted and in the light of the Committee’s views, a decision will be taken as above. After each committee decision date, a list of the delegated decisions made will be updated below in accordance with the 2014 Openness of Local Government Bodies regulations.  For further details please contact the Council by email at enquiries@stives-tc.gov.uk

In the case of Planning Committee a different procedure will be followed. Please read the detailed information on the link below:
Planning Applications during COVID-19


When the agenda for a forthcoming meeting is available, a link to it will be posted on this page.

Once the meeting has been held, the draft Minutes will be published, replacing the agenda.  Please note that Minutes are not approved (considered final) until the next scheduled meeting of the Council or of the relevant Committee, at which time they will be signed off by the relevant Chairman.

Committee membership 2019/2020

2 Planning Committee Agenda – Planning Minutes – Planning
6 Extraordinary Council Agenda – Extra. Council Minutes – Council
7 Staffing Committee Agenda – Staffing Minutes – Staffing
9 Community & Environment Agenda – C&E Minutes – C&E
17 Staffing Committee Agenda – Staffing Minutes – Staffing
22 Extraordinary Council Agenda – Extra. Council Minutes – Council
23 Staffing Agenda – Staffing  Minutes – Staffing
30 Planning Agenda – Planning Minutes – Planning
6 Finance and General Purpose Agenda – F&GP Minutes – F&GP
13 Staffing Agenda – Staffing  Minutes – Staffing
20 Council Agenda – Council Minutes – Council
27 Planning Agenda – Planning Minutes – Planning
4 Staffing Agenda – Staffing
5 Community & Environment Agenda – C&E
11 Facilities Committee Agenda – Facilities  
19 Extraordinary Council Agenda – Extra Council
26 Planning Committee CANCELLED  Planning Applications during COVID-19
2 Finance and General Purpose CANCELLED Agenda – F&GP
16 Council CANCELLED
23 Planning Committee CANCELLED  Planning Applications during COVID-19
18 Annual Council CANCELLED
20 Annual Council reconvened CANCELLED
21 Planning Committee CANCELLED
28 Community & Environment Committee CANCELLED
4 Facilities Committee
11 Council
18 Planning Committee
2 Finance & General Purposes Committee
16 Planning Committee
23 Council
13 Planning Committee
27 Community & Environment Committee
3 Facilities Committee
10 Planning Committee
24 Finance & General Purposes Committee
8 Planning Committee
15 Council
22 Community & Environment Committee
29 Facilities Committee
5 Planning Committee
19 Finance & General Purposes Committee
3 Planning Committee
10 Council