Latest planning applications are listed below

The Town Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications.   Whilst Cornwall Council as the local planning authority make the decisions on whether to approve applications, they are obliged to take the views of various consultees, including town and parish councils, into account.

St Ives Town Council’s Planning Committee meetings on a 4 weekly cycle of meetings. The agenda’s and application schedules are published in advance of each meeting.

Local Planning Policies are being developed.  Cornwall Council is developing its Local Plan and St Ives Town Council are working with community volunteers to develop a St Ives Area Neighbourhood Plan.

 Click on the link (below) to view the latest updates of planning applications to be discussed at the next meeting of the Planning Committee: 19 July 2018.  Plans are added regularly – so, please check the website to follow any additions. Schedule last updated on 16 July 2018


Agenda-Planning – Schedule for 6th December 2018.

Applications are updated regularly prior to the Planning Committee meeting – so please do keep a check.

3470 PA18/ 10038 Greenacres, B3311, Between Halsetown Road and Glew Hill Halsetown
(Mr and Mrs Rault and Freeman) Construction of new Self Build Dwelling with associated works at Greenacres with existing Bungalow to be demolished upon occupation of new dwelling.
3486 PA18/ 10525 Tregenna Castle Hotel, Access to Tregenna Castle, Tregenna Castle, St Ives
(Tregenna Castle Hotel) Removal of existing access road, construction of new residential lodge and introduction of new landscaping
3462 PA18/10305 Chy An Albany Hotel, Albany Terrace, St Ives
(Mr Wilson and Sharp, St Ives Developments Ltd) Non-material amendment (No. 2) for alterations to Garden House including: A small extension to the north, to allow for a larger living/dining area to the ground floor and for an additional bathroom and larger bedroom 2 (from a single to a double room) to the lower ground floor; The installation of an external staircase to the south to allow access from the ground floor to the lower garden; The provision of three rooflights, the removal of two windows to the ground floor and the replacement of a window with patio doors to the east (rear) elevation, to allow for more natural light and access from bedroom 2 to the garden area; A small extension to the roof of the eastern elevation, to provide shelter over the front door; the provision of patio doors to the lower ground floor and the removal of the ground floor windows to the north elevation, to allow for more natural light to bedroom 1 and The alteration of positioning of the rooflights, to move towards the south, the repositioning of the double windows and the provision of an additional window to the ground floor on the west (front) elevation, to provide more natural light to the kitchen and living area to (PA15/03355) Redevelopment of the existing site: Demolition of modern extensions to the existing hotel building to reinstate appearance of 3 townhouses (creating 6 maisonettes). Construction of 3 new townhouses to Belyars Lane and a garden house within the hotel grounds.
3463 PA18/10306 Chy An Albany Hotel, Albany Terrace, St Ives
(Mr Wilson and Sharp, St Ives Developments Ltd) Non-material amendment (No. 1 ) for: Pvs included on roof of Upper Town House (UTH) and Garden House (GH) (needed to make thermal model work); Omit projecting box window to UTH 2, matching UTH 1 and 3; Windows/door materials proposed to varied with materials stated on approved drawings. UTH – Alu windows and timber doors on App. Dwgs, PVC and composite door proposed to front elevation. Town House Maisonettes (THM) – Timber sash windows on App. Dwgs, PVC windows proposed. – GH – Timber windows and doors on App. Dwgs, Aluminium windows proposed; Omitting of roof lights UTH & THM (Not practicable to conform with building regulations) and rearrangement on THM roof to make layouts work; Store doors added to rear of UTH; THM – Change inset balconies on rear elevation to 2 no. balcony velux rooflights; THM – Proposed French doors to Ground Floor Kitchen to replace windows and omit entrance door into corridor; Garden House roof was riginally clipped above front door; Line Garden House retaining wall changed; Line of gardens to THM 4/5 and GH changed; Small retaining wall with balustrading and steps introduced to front of UTH to make parking/access compliant; UTH gable roof angled back from ridge omitted to (PA15/03355) Redevelopment of the existing site: Demolition of ‘modern’ extensions to the existing hotel building to reinstate appearance of 3 townhouses (creating 6 maisonettes). Construction of 3 new townhouses to Belyars Lane and a garden house within the hotel grounds.
3464 PA18/10606 Field End House, Higher Boskerris, Carbis Bay
(Mr and Mrs Walker) Internal alterations, first floor extension over existing terrace and new courtyard space to front elevation and a balcony.
3465 PA18/ 09232 Treloyhan Manor, Trelyon Avenue, St Ives
(Mr K Mantle Christian Guild) Construction of new conservatory with associated landscaping.
3466 PA18/10199 8 Carbis Bay Holiday Park, Laity Lane, Carbis Bay
(Mrs C Mason) Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an existing use- to allow year- round occupancy.
3467 PA18/10225 Easter Cottage, Church Road, Lelant
(Mrs S Wilson) Demolition of existing dilapidated rear utility. Erection of new extended kitchen.
3468 PA18/10578 Trelan, Wharf Road, Lelant
(Mr N Williams) T1 Indian Bean Tree – 30% reduction.
3469 PA18/ 10319 7 Carthew Terrace, St Ives
(Mr S Chown) Replacement rear extension with walkable gutter. Ancillary works including fenestration alteration.
3471 PA18/ 10242 Talland Garth, Talland Road, St Ives
(Mr and Mrs Gibson)
Front and rear extensions to main bungalow including a covered outdoor space and conversion of lower ground floor space and adjoining single garage to form self-contained annexe for holiday let purposes.
3472 PA18/ 09622 St Pirans Lodge, Abbey Hill, Lelant
(Mrs Norma Wood) Works to Beech and Sycamore tree.
3473 PA18/ 10112 Chy An Bay Wedhen, Alexandra Road, St Ives
(Ms Banner) Sub-division of Plot to form a new Self-Build Dwelling with associated works at Chy An Bay Wedhen, with existing Annexe and block built Shed to be demolished.
3474 PA18/ 10061 Abbey Spring Cottage, Abbey Hill, Lelant
(Mr and Mrs Short) Construction of ground floor extension and associated works.
3475 PA18/ 10052 18 Burrow Road, St Ives
(Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick) Replacement of slate roof.
3476 PA18 /09859 Land adj to Number 15, Trelawney Road, St Ives
(Mr G Becconsall) Construction of a pair of semi-detached dwellings.
3477 PA18/ 10728 31 St Johns Walk, St Ives
(Mr and Mrs McGregor) Single storey extension and front porch.
3478 PA18/ 10431 Land S of Tregue, Laity Lane, Carbis Bay
(Mr and Mrs Welton) Reserved matters application in respect of PA17/00277 for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale
3479 PA18/ 10447 5 Fore Street, St Ives
(Mr Alois Dufner) Change of use of the existing 1st floor from business class B1 to retail class A1 and amend existing door onto Fore Street. Extend to the rear at 1st floor level to allow increased retail at first floor
3480 PA18/ 10512 Pax, Tyringham Road, Lelant
(Mr and Mrs Hardisty) Proposed replacement rear windows
3481 PA18/ 10513 Pax, Tyringham Road, Lelant
(Mr and Mrs Hardisty) Listed building consent for proposed replacement rear windows
3482 PA18/ 10350 1 Alma Terrace, The Stennack, St Ives
(Mr G Ellingham) Attic conversion with balcony, rear extension, new roof lights and front dormer side glazing
3483 PA18/ 10554 Mayreau, Brewery Hill, Lelant
(Mr Edward Rabbitts) T1 Ash – remove, T2 Sycamore – raise canopy and T3 Sycamore – raise canopy to match T2
3484 PA18/ 10780 Owls House, Church Road,Lelant
(Mrs Sarah Stevens) Retention of Scots Pine, planted instead of Pinus Pinaster following implementation of permission PA16/06071
3485 PA18/ 10223 Land adj to 26 Menhyr Drive, Carbis Bay
(Miss Lagor) Construction of new semi-detached dwelling
3487 PA18/ 07052 Pednolver Terrace, Oceanis Apartments, Albert Road, St Ives
(Mr Jordan Mallford Properties Ltd) Amended layout and roof design following planning permission PA16/08429 for one additional flat
3488 PA18/ 10088 Chy Lowena, 8 Trenwith Lane, St Ives
(Mr and Mrs S Parton) Proposed single storey rear extension and formation of new car parking space
3489 PA18/ 10869 12 Fish Street, St Ives
(Mr and Mrs Pauley) Replacement of slate roof
3490 PA18/ 11027 41 Alexandra Road, St Ives
(Mr and Mrs G Erics) First floor side extension
3491 PA18/ 10528 24 The Terrace, St Ives
(Mrs Walker) Retrospective Listed Building Consent for replacement roof
3492 PA18/ 09766 Vorvas Barn, Vorvas, Lelant
(Mr P Thompson) Change of use from agricultural barn to annexe of main dwelling. Including conversion and extension
3493 PA18/ 10514 Parc Cottage, Tregenna Hill, St Ives
(Mr Cox) Proposed replacement roof with dormers and associated works
3494 PA18/ 07686 Little Hendra, Boskerris Road, Carbis Bay
Mr A McGivern) Demolition of existing dwelling and redevelopment of the site to provide 7no. new dwellings and 1 no. replacement dwelling
3495 PA18/10435 26 Trewartha Estate, Carbis Bay
(Mr and Mrs D Newell) To erect single storey extension
3496 PA18/10957 51 Polwithen Drive, Carbis Bay
(Mrs A Kestell) Loft conversion and extension with dormers
3497 PA18/01047 55 Halsetown St Ives
Conversion and extension of former studio to form a one bedroom single-storey dwelling including alterations to existing access





If you are interested in a particular application and would like to check whether it will be considered at the town council’s committee meeting, you can check with the town council office – tel. 01736 797840

 About the planning process

St Ives Town Council considers all St Ives, Carbis Bay, Lelant and Halsetown planning applications.  So that means when your neighbour submits an application or any other application in the town is submitted, the Town Council will consider the application before passing on a recommendation to the Planning Authority at Cornwall Council.

 St Ives Town Council is consulted on all applications within the St Ives civil parish area.   Cornwall Council also consults with other statutory consultees, and each application can be commented on by any member of the public.

Residents can contact St Ives Town Council to view planning applications and to enquire when these are due to be considered by the Town Councils Planning Committee.  Residents are also encouraged to advise the Town Council of any concerns that they might have regarding planning proposals that they feel affect them and suggest that copies of letters sent to the planning department at Cornwall Council are also forwarded to St Ives Town Council.  These can then be considered by the relevant planning Councillors when viewing the planning application.

Recommendations on all applications are then sent to Cornwall Council for inclusion in the Officers report to the relevant Cornwall Council committee for determination. As with all St Ives Town Council meetings, members of the public are welcome to attend and in the case of all Planning Committee meetings one supporter and one objector may speak for three minutes on any application.