Seagull advice

Seagull advice

Seagulls are wild birds, their distinctive cry as they circle coastal areas are an integral part of a seaside town.

The town council do not have any control over the actions of seagulls, but having had to deal with requests about the aspects of their behaviour which cause a nuisance to people, we are able to give the seagull advice in the leaflet below.  It is also advisable not to feed the gulls, and to either avoid eating outside, or eat outside with care, as the gulls commonly swoop to snatch food.

St Ives Seagull Advice Leaflet

The seagull advice leaflet contains guidance on how to tackle nuisance caused by seagulls for householders – how to deter gulls from nesting.  Also, a warning to those eating outside – seagulls will swoop for food – some tips to help avoid this.

The Seagull Problem Seagulls are a common feature of many seaside towns and are becoming more common in urban settings due in large part to the easy availability of food and nesting sites. Seagull colonies can present problems including noise nuisance, fouling washing and cars and even swooping at people, usually to protect the gull’s chicks or to snatch food. There can also be damage to roofs and gutters, and blockage of gas flues by nesting materials can have serious consequences if gas fumes are prevented from venting properly.