Each year, town and parish councils have to produce a summary of their accounts, along with a statement which demonstrates that there is adequate governance and control in place. This is provided in the form of the Council’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return which is then submitted to an external auditor for evaluation.  The external auditor is appointed by the Audit Commission, for St Ives Town Council they are PKF Littlejohn LLP and further information about the external auditor and their procedures can be found at

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return is available for inspection by any elector in the town council parish area, or their representative. It may be inspected on application to Jamie Thomas, Responsible Finance Officer and Corporate Services Manager at The Guildhall, Street An Pol, St Ives, Cornwall between 9am – 4pm on Mondays to Fridays.

St Ives Town Council – Public Notice-Notice of Appointment of Date for the Exercise of Electors Rights for Accounts year ended 31 March 2020 (including a summary of your rights)

2020 Annual Return / 2019-20 Final Report and Certificate