St Ives Town Council has 72 allotment plots at Trowan, west of St Ives.

If you are interested in applying for a plot we are currently taking names for our waiting list.

Our existing allotmenteers are a friendly bunch – new plot holders have been pleased with the advice and help they get from neighbouring allotment gardeners.

Rental rates are £65 per annum, or £35 for a half plot plus a voluntary £10 Allotment Association Fee.

In 2020, St Ives Town Council entered into a ten-year lease for the use the field at Trowan as allotments.  The field is flat, arable land.  Although slightly out-of-town, it can be reached by walking, car, bicycle and bus (bus stop is 5 – 10 minutes walk).  Parking is available in an adjacent field.  The site is within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it an enjoyable place to work and also bringing with it the responsibility to keep the plots to an acceptable standard.

Whilst an allotment brings responsibilities to maintain and keep to a good standard (no gardener wants to be next to a plot with weeds going to seed!) they also bring heaps of benefits.  Working an allotment gives an ideal opportunity for exercise whilst working out in the open air.  It helps a healthy diet, being a cheap source of fruit and vegetables.  Allotment sites help to encourage a sense of community and help maintain the local environment.  With plots able to be worked by friends and family, they’re a great chance to share learning and to get children involved in finding our where their food comes from.

To find out more, or to apply for a plot email St Ives Town Council or call 01736 797840

Trowan Allotments – location map