The town council takes great care with its finances, recognising that this is public money and should be handled accordingly.

Each year the town council sets a budget, setting out the approved income and expenditure for the coming financial year (the financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March).   A Statement of Accounts is produced at the end of each financial year, setting out the actual income and expenditure incurred.  Relevant documents are available to download below.

Where a link is not yet provided, contact the town council if you need to request a copy of one of these documents.


Each year, town and parish councils have to produce a summary of their accounts, along with a statement which demonstrates that there is adequate governance and control in place. This is provided in the form of the Council’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return which is then submitted to an external auditor for evaluation.  The external auditor is appointed by the Audit Commission, for St Ives Town Council they are PKF Littlejohn LLP and further information about the external auditor and their procedures can be found at Click here for all Annual Returns.


The Budget for each year is prepared before the start of the financial year and sets out the approved spending and income generation for the council in the coming / current year.


St Ives Town Council Budget 2019/20

Note with Council Tax 2019/20


St Ives Town Council Budget 2018/19

Note with Council Tax 2018/19


St Ives Town Council (short version) Budget 2017-18,               St Ives Town Council Budget 2017/18

Note with council tax 2017/2018


St Ives Town Council Budget 2016/2017

St Ives Town Council budget 2016/2017 note with precept


St Ives Town Council Budget 2015 / 2016

Note with Council Tax demand 2015/2016


2020 Community Infrastructure Levy CIL


The Statement of Accounts is prepared after the financial year and sets out the financial activities carried out in that year.

Statement of Accounts 2018/2019

Statement of Accounts 2013/2014

Statement of Accounts 2012/2013

Statement of Accounts 2011/2012

The majority of the town council’s income is from the precept – part of the council tax and collected from household by Cornwall Council on the town council’s behalf.  Income is also generated through property rental income, grants, Guildhall bookings and weddings, and the income generated by the Visit St Ives Information Centre (ie Memberships, advertising, sales).

The expenditure of the council is kept track of through the main budget headings:  Administration; Property; Civic / Hospitality (including community); Grants; Services & Projects; Guildhall and concert hall; Public Conveniences; Visit St Ives Information Centre; Neighbourhood Plan; Allotments; and Devolution.