The agreed policies and procedures of the town council set out how the council, Councillors and staff will carry out their business.

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders of the Council are the rules which the council has to follow – they set out the procedures for meetings and general operation of the council’s business.

Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations govern the way the council runs its financial business.

Scale of Charges 2020/2021
Complaints Procedure

The complaints procedure sets out how to make a complaint against the council.

Councillors Code of Conduct – St Ives Town Council

All Councillors, when first elected, make a declaration to follow the Councillors Code of Conduct when they take up their office as Town Councillor.

How to make a Code of Conduct complaint

Clicking on the link above will bring you to the Cornwall Council website with information about how to make a Code of Conduct complaint about a Town Councillor.  Code of Conduct complaints are dealt with by the Monitoring Officer at Cornwall Council in the first instance.

Health & Safety Policy Statement 2019
St Ives Town Council Grants Policy

The Grants Policy sets out the rules that the town council applies when consideration grant applications.

Social Media Policy
Redundancy Policy
Risk Management Strategy
Risk Management Policy Statement
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy
Internal Control Policy
Budget Monitoring Protocol
Publication Scheme  (Freedom of Information)
Scheme of Delegation
St Ives Town Council animal charter
Guidelines for broadcasting or using social media at Council Meetings
Publication Scheme
Information available from St Ives Town Council under the model Publication Scheme
Vexatious and Unreasonable Policy
Local Council Preapplication protocol – Registration and Profile
A Model Approach to Pre-application Discussions
Cornwall Local Councils Pre application Protocol
Fair Trade Statement