Seagull advice

Seagull advice

Image by Zak Kilmurray June 2019


  • DO NOT feed seagulls
  • When eating outside, always be aware that gulls will swoop and snatch food.
  • Consider eating indoors or in sheltered places in which a gull would find it difficult to attack, such as in the lea of a building or in a corner. Gulls can swoop from any direction and a seagull swoop can be surprising and sometimes alarming. Be especially vigilant if you have small children sitting in buggies holding food and ice-creams.
  • If you are eating outdoors in cafes or restaurants, try to hand any unfinished food and plates back to staff and not leave them on tables.
  • Litter and food waste must be disposed of properly in waste bins. Do not put food waste and litter into bins if they are already full.
  • Household and food waste must be placed out on the actual collection day, not the night before.

St Ives Business Improvement District is an organisation representing and funded by almost 200 local businesses. They invest in local projects and schemes. Because of the concern about seagulls, the BID are taking a lead role in raising awareness about and preventing gull incidents. They fund a town trail for families with a map which gives more information and advice on gulls. They also fund signage for businesses and warnings and promotion of social media platforms and bags and newspapers.

Seagulls Leaflet