“We know in detail what is happening to our planet and we know many of the things we need to do in this decade. Tackling climate change is as much a political and communication challenge as it is a scientific and technological one. We have the skills to tackle it in time. All we need is the global will to do so.” Sir David Attenborough addressing the G7 in Cornwall.

Message from FEAST:
The G7 cultural programme budget made provision for a small satellite programme, with Cornwall Council adding some additional resources to bolster this fund. We want to use it to send a far more powerful message than we have heard so far, from Cornwall to COP26 in Glasgow in November where critical decisions on the world’s response to the climate emergency will be made.

You can apply for up to £2,000, no match funding required, to make your voice heard.

We want to know:
What do you want to say?
How do you want to say it?
Who do you want to hear it?

We want original, smart, creative projects powered by passion, which collectively make an impact locally, nationally and internationally.

All art forms are welcome.

Some projects may make an unambiguous political statement.

Some may involve a community looking for its own resources to mitigate or adapt to a climate changed world.

Some may challenge people to see differently or to start new conversations.

We don’t have the answers but we know the people who do: you the artists and creative thinkers of Cornwall.

You can apply as an artist/ artist group / community or environmental group working with an artist.

For an application form go to FEAST website.

We will need a simple budget.

While we are not looking for cash match funding, in kind contributions will demonstrate your, and your community’s, commitment to the project.

As always we will look at value for money and you do not have to apply for the full amount.

We intend to commission an artist separately to document all the projects so that we have a single presentation we can send to COP 26.

Time is pressing.

We will consider applications each Monday until we have allocated all the funds starting from Monday 12th July.

We will aim to respond within a week, but may hold some applications over so that we can commission a diverse portfolio of projects in terms of geography and content.