St Ives Town Council 2021-22
Explanatory Notes – the Town Council portion of the Council Tax bill

St Ives Town Council has set its budget for the financial year 2021-22 in order to be able to maintain the services it is committed to providing, in the most cost-effective way possible.

How The Town Council is Funded
The Town Council’s budget for 2021-22 is £980,054. This is broken down further in the table below. The Town Council aims to raise as much income as possible from services it charges for, like weddings and office rents. Next year, it hopes to raise £224,923 this way. The rest is funded from the precept. This means that a proportion of your Council Tax bill paid to Cornwall Council is paid to the Town Council. The proportion is small, (7.1% ) relative to the rest of your bill.

Average Cornwall Council tax bill for 2021-22 in St Ives (band D) = £ 2,051.49
Average Town Council share for 2021-22 (band D) = £ 147.67
Average monthly cost of Town Council services for a Band D household = £ 12.31

Changes from last year
Last year, for 2020-21, the average band D increase for the Town Council was £21.95, a 20.11% increase. This year, for 2021-22, the average band D increase for the Town Council will be £16.54, a 12.61% increase, a lower level of increase than last year.

The full explanatory note can be read here