Summer COVID-19 Safety Plan


UPDATE: 4th November 2020

The Government’s new COVID-19 restrictions will be introduced from Thursday 5th November. In response, St Ives Town Council has put in place the following measures and changes to services and events:

  • The Town Council will be continuing to work as usual, but we would ask that people use phone and email to contact us:
  • St Ives Town Council Offices will be available 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday for phone and email enquiries. The Guildhall will not be open to face to face enquiries.
  • No markets or events will be held at the Guildhall, except for the farmers market which will continue on Thursdays as essential food retail. Please follow farmers’ market publicity and social media for further updates.
  • The Library will be open for click and collect services and also for IT and digital access to public computers. There will be no visitor information or retail services or classes or activities in the community room.
  • Public conveniences: The West Pier (Lifeboat) and Sloop facilities will be open and cleaned daily during the restrictions. All other public conveniences will be closed.
  • Parks and outdoor spaces will continue to be open
  • The Town Council’s maintenance and amenities staff will be working as usual. Please contact the Town Council for any urgent complaints or concerns about Council buildings or toilets.
  • There will be no wedding ceremonies or blessings held at the Guildhall or Island Chapel until after restrictions are lifted.
  • There will be a scaled down Remembrance Day Commemoration on Sunday the 8th of November, which will follow Government guidance with limited numbers of representatives from named agencies able to attend. The Government advice is that people should mark remembrance at home. The Royal British Legion website has lots of ideas about how you can remember in different ways this year.
  • It is hoped that Christmas trees at the Guildhall, Lelant and Halsetown will be lit up as usual but ceremonies to turn on the lights will take place after the restrictions are lifted. Please check further posts for dates and details.


If you have any questions please contact St Ives Town Council on 01736 797840/

If you have overall COVID-19 concerns you can direct them to Cornwall Council on

Please stay safe and follow guidance to protect others and hopefully, we look forward to meeting you all again in December.

Louise Dwelly

Town Clerk

St Ives businesses operating during November restrictions – List compiled by St Ives BID:

Restaurants and Takeaways
Shops/ Pharmacies

The 2020 traffic restrictions in St Ives ran from

the 29 June until the 20 September 2020

Statement from the 23rd June 2020

Traffic Control Orders begin Monday 29 June 11am – 4pm

The Government announcement today has widened the group of businesses and activities which will open from the 4th of July. This includes self-catered holiday accommodation. But only if they meet COVID-secure guidelines (and where 2 metres social distance cannot be achieved, the new limit is 1 metre plus).  As we emerge from lockdown and try to return to some kind of normality in our lives, jobs and businesses, it will be even more important to safeguard our residents and visitors.

The potential is clearly there – the virus remains and is no less deadly or infectious than at the start of 2020. Only around 5% of the UK population are thought to have been infected and even for them immunity is not guaranteed.

The evidence is that the vast majority of people are still potentially susceptible. In short, if we lift all safety measures, we could be back to where we were in February. Many businesses in the town might not survive a second lockdown. That is why the best way to support the economy is by ensuring that the town is a safe place for local people and visitors.

The streets in the town centre are narrow and, in the busy summer months, there are hundreds of people moving on foot. Even in a normal year, pedestrians are in conflict with vehicles, crushing onto the pavements to allow them to pass. It is very difficult to maintain social distancing even to one metre plus.

One measure to tackle this is to remove all but the most essential vehicles from the busiest streets in order that shoppers can move more freely and better maintain social distancing. Many towns and cities across the country have – or are bringing in – road closures to create additional space in areas of high footfall. Across Cornwall this is happening in towns like Truro, Falmouth, Newquay and others – and many of these towns have wider streets.

Traffic restrictions in the town are being introduced from 11am on Monday 29th June. They will operate from 11am until 4pm every day and will be monitored and evaluated each week during the crisis. To reduce disruption, there are a number of exemptions and dispensations to enable essential traffic movement during these times. But we are still urging people to try to access the town on foot between these times with cars being used for essential travel only.

Start Date: 29 June 2020
End date: the road closure will be reviewed on a regular basis and will continue during the Summer season, provided it is needed.

11am – 4pm daily

Road Closures:

  • The proposed road closure will start from the Tregenna Place and Gabriel Street junction (or library corner as it is known locally).
  • The barrier will run across Tregenna Place, opposite Wetherspoons. This will keep the three-road junction at library corner flowing and maximise the ability of vehicles to leave without entering the zone.
  • The zone incorporates Tregenna Place, High Street, St Andrews Street, Wharf Road, Fore Street and all roads beyond Fish Street to the Island.
  • Any vehicles entering the zone from Windsor Terrace, Bedford Road & Back Street would go around Market Square and leave the town via St Andrew Street.
  • Chapel Street would also be closed to traffic, to avoid rat-running
  • Drillfield Lane would be made one-way in a southward direction, and there would be no right turn into Tregenna Place from Bedford Road.
  • Some high-sided vehicles, which present at the bottom of Bedford Road may either turn right at the bottom of Bedford Road or be allowed through as the camber of the road at St Andrews Street will prevent their exit.


  • All residents who have a home in the zone, provided they have the vehicle registered at the address – please complete the form below:

Other access will be issued on an exceptions basis for groups including:

    • carers
    • fishermen
    • emergency workers, including RNLI
    • refuse collection

For businesses and other traffic who need essential access on an occasional basis between the restricted hours, they can register their details at the Town Council and these can be checked at the road closure point and allowed through.

All businesses and residents are encouraged, wherever possible, to make only essential journeys. The exceptions policy will be maintained by the Town Council and kept under regular review.

We appreciate that this will cause some inconvenience. But we have tried to minimise this as much as possible. At the heart of this plan is the need to help minimise the risk of infection and to support our businesses by helping them to trade safely. Public Health is the over-riding concern above other considerations. The decision to proceed has been delayed to await the Government’s announcement today. However, it is clear that with the opening of holiday accommodation and the need to follow 1 metre plus social distancing, the measures are still necessary.

St Ives Emergency Safety Plan

St Ives Emergency Safety Plan 2020 FINAL issue 230620


  • All residents who have a home in the zone, provided they have the vehicle registered at the address will be issued a permit. If you are a resident please complete this form and email it to ; post or hand deliver to the Town Council, Guildhall, Street an Pol, St Ives TR26 2DS (the post box is to the right of the main door). If you would like a form posted to you or for any other enquiries – please call 01736 797840.
  • Other access will be issued on an exceptions basis for groups including:
    • carers
    • fishermen
    • emergency workers, including RNLI
    • refuse collection

‘Occasional Access’ List

This list is for those that have considered all of the options and can not reasonably find a way to avoid entering the controlled traffic zone between 11am – 4pm. If you need to be considered to be added to this list then register your reasons and your vehicle registration details and email These cases will be considered on a case by case basis. The controlled traffic zone is to try to limit the amount of cars within the narrow streets of St Ives for reasons of safety, thank you for your understanding.

Visiting St Ives this summer

If you are planning to visit St Ives, please read the below leaflet which gives you some really useful information about the town.

2020 St Ives Town Information Guide

For updates visit the dedicated safety plan Facebook page:

St Ives Summer Safety Plan