Council Staff

The role of council staff is to implement the decisions of the council, delivering services and providing the facilities as the council or its committees decide.

The Town Clerk is the Head of Paid Service and as such, directs the work of the employees of the council on a day to day basis.

The town council has different areas of work:
In the town council offices staff carry out the core work of the council, providing the administration for all council and committee meetings, correspondence, submitting the town council responses to planning applications, the accounting function for all areas of the council, and the administration for services including the Guildhall, other council properties, dog control orders, town council website, etc.   Neighbourhood planning is also carried out as part of the core work of the council.

The Library and Information Service Centre staff are responsible for the operation of the Library and Visitor Centre, including the provision of information and services to customers, membership packages for businesses and production of ‘Visit St Ives’ – the information brochure for the St Ives Area.

Operational staff have varied duties, including buildings maintenance, caretaking & cleaning, footpath maintenance, traffic control, enforcement of dog control orders, and helping with the general civic pride of St Ives and the surrounding area.

Town Clerk: Louise Dwelly

Support Services
Responsible Finance Officer and Corporate Services Manager: Jamie Thomas
Cultural Services Manager: Emma Gibson
Finance Officer: Morwenna Harry
Senior Admin Support Officer: Linda Wood
Admin Officer Committee and Weddings: Sarah Kevern
Admin Officer Reception and Communications: Kelly Moffitt
Premises Assistant: Samantha Hodge
Cleaning Team: Jackie Trotman, Gillian Davis, Claire Hodgkinson

Library and Information Services

Assistant Manager, Julie Cox
Information Assistants, Samantha Walker, John MacCabe, Kate Pearson and Mark Player

Properties and Amenities Team

Amenities Officer: Colin Ireland
Maintenance Officer: Scott Harry, David Bayliss