Palemon Best Recreation Ground

Palemon Best Recreation Ground

The St Ives Skatepark Project, St Ives Town Council and Palemon Best Trustees are forging ahead with the new Maverick Skatepark plans. The links below give full details of the Skatepark plans:

Animation of the planned St Ives Skatepark

For all the news and updates visit the St Ives Skatepark Projects Facebook Page.

If you have any questions please contact us: or call 01736 797840.


The Palemon Best Recreation Ground is located off Penbeagle Lane.  The land is a community open space that was bequeathed by the late Dr Palemon Best and is managed by the town council, acting as Trustee.

Facilities at the recreation ground include a skate park area, football field, childrens’ play area (with swings, slides, roundabout, zip wire and more).

There is also a community Orchard which welcome volunteers to get involved in helping looking after the trees and they have annual community events like Apple Day and Apple Wassail. for more info.

Just above the orchard and skate park there is beautiful untouched area, 11 hectares of scrub and heath land that leads up to Carnstabba Hill that has a granite Tor and rock outcrop.  The St Ives Community Orchard group are looking to get this area recognised as a Nature Reserve to ensure it remains in its current wild state .

Palemon Best Planting Plan: Click Here: